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Valid HTML

why don't you allow valid html? arpreach doesn't even include an opening html and body tag.

when adding your own, it removes them.

this is important for deliverability and rendering across all devices.

before anybunny questions the deliverability aspect, realize i'm good friends with the heads of deliverability for some of the top esps in the world among other things. just so you know.

not the end of the world on that front but still good to have. rendering is huge.

please provide valid html, access, or give us the ability to add our own.

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Re-reading this thread... 

if I do not use the visual editor, but merely paste in my code then hit "preview" do you think I'll get what I expect? 

Is it the visual editor that's messing up the rendering?

I've noticed some weird stuff happening and things moving around, fonts changing and whatnot, if I simply click while the visual editor is open. 

...? Thx!

Hi Debra,

I posted earlier in this thread and have been away working on another project. I'm going to be starting back now on working through the same issues you have. But yes, it's the editor that is changing your code. The editor is TinyMCE and it has its own built-in rules to try the make the code "valid." I'm not here to debate that, but if you simply paste in your code and do not use the TinyMCE editor, your code should not be changed. I've done several tests with a responsive design and was having good luck. I, too, have had my developers look at the editor. We've used TinyMCE in some other places on our site. I'll report back here if we find the solution.


Been working an email designer today and we've discovered the only way to keep an email responsive is to paste the entire finished code into the empty editor box from an external editor. 

Changing even one tiny thing inside the editor causes the code to change, changing hyperlink colours, responsiveness, etc. 

MailChimp doesn't do this. My designer hypothesises it's because the editor is older than the latest html capability. Is there any plan to upgrade the editor at any point? If MailChimp can offer it, clearly the technology is available. 

hey debra. unfortunately, that's the way it is with arpreach. I would have probably referred 25+ people to arpreach if it had a better wysiwyg editor. If they can't get their integration of

TinyMCE to stop destroying valid html code, I wish they would just put in something else entirely or give the option to a better one. If the editor destroys valid html, it is clearly not the best nor nearly the best.



We used php-superwebmailer for many years and did not suffer from tinymce behavior. CKeditor leaves all the HTML code like it is.

So this is a feature request to add ckeditor to arpReach and give users a choice to opt for one or the other in the system settings.


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